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Greetings Hoomans!

I am JUNO, The Boss of Nutricole

I am about to tell you all about the wonders of Nutricole.

From belly rub-approved 'Belly Buddy' to tail-wagging 'Fur-ever Young', I've sniff-tested them all for your furry friends.

Get ready for a pawsitively entertaining tale!!

The Story 

It all started on one fine morning, There I am sniffing coffee on my table, when my peasant, Prof S, burst into my office with excitement babbling about a natural compound and pet paradise.


It's like he's discovered the holy grail to pet’s health, and suddenly, I'm all ears.

With a twinkle in his eye and a pep in his step, Prof S ropes me into his wild adventure – the quest for the perfect formula to longevity!


We roped in a world renowed animal wildlife nutritionist, Dr F, PetCubes who will go all out to make it right for us furry ones- for the perfect concoction.

Everyday, my poop was preciously collected and placed into test tubes.. 

I have never seen hoomans being so excited with my faecal matter! 

Prof S would run multiple tests in his laboratory... There are mishaps and mayhem aplenty, with more than a few setbacks... and this went on and on for a looonnnggg time

We continued testing for the perfect concoction repeating trials -

failure was our common friend.

But through it all, we never lost sight of our goal: to give our furry friends the relief they deserve.

After more years of laughter, tears, and more than a few questionable smells

We finally did it!!! –


We found an irresistible formulation for Nutricole!

Listen here folks,  

we're about to change the pet world, one itch at a time.


Longevity, here we come!

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